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Desogestrel and ethinylestradiol is an estrogen and progestin combination pill used for the prevention of pregnancy. It works by preventing ovulation and causing changes in the mucus of the cervix that make it difficult for sperm to penetrate and for an egg to implant. It may also be taken to regulate the menstrual cycle. In clinical trials, Marvelon® showed a very low pregnancy rate, a good cycle control, a low incidence of side -effects and, as a result, a low drop-out rate


What is Marvelon and what is it used for?

Marvelon is a combined oral contraceptive pill, used to prevent getting pregnant.

Before you take Marvelon, Do not take this medicine and tell your doctor if

Griseofulvin, penicillins, Tetracyclins, Ritonavit, Rifampicin, Primidone, Phenytoins, Barbiturates, Carbamazepine, Oxcarbazepine, Topiramate, Felbamate.

Take special care while taking Marvelon

If you notice possible signs of a blood clot that may mean you are suffering from a blood clot in the leg (i.e. deep vein thrombosis), a blood clot in the lung (i.e. pulmonary embolism), a heart attack or a stroke

How and when to take Marvelon

The first tablet of the pack is taken on the first day of menstruation. One tablet is taken daily at the same time, without interruption for 21 days, followed by 7 day tablet free period.

If you forget to take Marvelon

Take the most recently missed pill straight away and continue to take your further pills as usual. Use extra precautions (condoms for instance) for the next 7 days. >

If you stop taking Marvelon

If you are planning a baby, it’s best to use another method of contraception after stopping Marvelon until you have had a proper period.

Possible side effects

  • Migraine or headache
  • Weight losing
  • Depression
  • Changes in sexual desires
  • Stomach problems
  • Changes in vaginal secretions

How to store Marvelon

Store below 25°C but not in the fridge. Store it in the original package, in order to protect from light and moisture.